Monetary Donations

How can I help?

The Food Pantry extends its services to around one hundred families each month, aiming to provide each household with essential food and supplies to help sustain them when they might otherwise go without anything. Our ability to support families in Grimes relies entirely upon the generosity of our donors. Since our establishment in 2019, we have never turned away anyone due to insufficient food supply on our shelves, a fact that fills us with immense gratitude.

When you give to the Grimes Storehouse, you help stock our shelves and put food on the table for families in Grimes who often go without.  Your monetary support, in any amount, is utilized for both purchase of food and supplies and for covering operational expenses.  All donations are tax-deductible.

Online Donations

Storehouse partners with Bloomerang to safely and efficiently handle all online financial donations.

Write a Check

Please include your email address for a year-end tax statment and then mail or deliver your check to:
Grimes Storehouse
112 Ewing St, Suite B,
Grimes, IA 50111

Maximize your impact!

While donating non-perishable food items is always valuable and appreciated, providing monetary donations can maximize the impact of your generosity compared to purchasing food items to donate. Here are a few examples of how your impact can be maximized:

Bulk Purchasing Power

We can stretch our dollars further by purchasing in larger quantities and procuring items from the Food Bank of Iowa.


We can ensure that the foods needed now are available.

Reduced Overhead Costs

We can keep product moving instead of storing unpopular items.

Food Safety and Freshness

Keeping products moving ensures all products are always fresh.

Responding to Emergencies

Maintaining a cash fund allows us to respond more quickly to emergencies.

Supporting Operations

Planning for shelf and cooler layouts can be managed more efficiently.

The difference between donations of food vs. cash:

Small amount of food

The money used by a donor to buy this food ...

Large number of food items.

...could have bought this much food!

Additional Donation Methods

Double Your Donation With Company Match

Many companies encourage charitable giving among their employees, including spouses and retirees, with matching gift programs.  Check with your company to find out if they support this type of matching.

Leave A Legacy

Planned or legacy giving is a way to leave a lasting impact on many in our community who will benefit from your generosity for years to come. Some options include:

  1. A planned gift in your will.
  2. A beneficiary on a retirement account or life insurance. You can also name Grimes Storehouse in your IRA, Retirement Plan or Annuity.
  3. A charitable gift annuity or remainder trust
  4. Endowment managed through a trust.

Dependent on the gift and your personal situation, you may wish to involve family members and/or your financial advisor in the decision. Call us at 515‑986‑4191 if you have questions.