Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

We’ve compiled a list of questions most frequently asked at The Grimes Storehouse. Select one of the questions below to find the answer. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, Contact Us for more information.

What is Grimes Storehouse

We are a non-profit organization that provides compassionate, practical care to the Grimes community, offering food and clothing to those struggling to make ends meet. Supported by area churches, businesses, individuals and community organizations. The Food Pantry opened in July of 2019 in its current location. In September 2023 we expanded our services to also include children’s clothing.

How Do I Qualify to Use the Food Pantry?

The Food Pantry serves residents in Grimes, Iowa. Upon arrival clients go through a brief intake process. A photo ID and proof of residence (copy of the most current rent or utility bill) are required. After approval, clients receive about a week’s worth of groceries and are allowed to use the Food Pantry once per calendar month. All services are on a first-come, first-served basis; no appointment is needed.

What Kind of Food is Provided at the Food Pantry?

The selection can vary day-to-day depending on donations. The groceries are divided into categories such as cereal/oatmeal, canned vegetables, canned fruit, boxed meals, canned meats, starches (boxed potato and rice), canned meals, pasta and pasta sauce, drinks, snacks, soups, and baking items. The pantry also includes a limited selection of non-food items including household items, personal hygiene, and baby care items. When available, refrigerator and freezer items are also offered.

Do You Accept Perishable Foods?

Yes. We are blessed with two commercial freezers and two refrigerators. However, before making your perishable donation, please call ahead to confirm space availability for your donation.

How Often Can Someone Visit the Grimes Storehouse?

Clients may visit the Food Pantry once per calendar month.

“Anytime Food” is available during regular food pantry hours.  Clients may pick up “Anytime Food” more than once a month

Who Works for Grimes Storehouse?

All work is done by an active team of dedicated volunteers. Volunteers serve in the Food Pantry sorting inventory, stocking shelves, and assisting clients.  Our executive director also volunteers her time so we have no paid positions. A Board of Directors oversees and sets policies for the organization.

What is the Difference Between Grimes Storehouse Food Pantry and a Food Bank?es Here

The Food Pantry provides food directly to hungry people in Grimes. A food bank, such as the Food Bank of Iowa, is a regional food recovery program which gathers and warehouses products donated by the food industry. Food banks usually serve an entire region, and provide shopping privileges to emergency food programs like ours and other non-profit agencies. Food banks do not feed hungry people directly, but rather distribute food via other agencies such as Grimes Storehouse, soup kitchens, other pantries and shelters.

What Are the Sources of the Storehouse’s Food and Funding?

Individual donations, corporations, organizations, congregations, and various food drives throughout the year. We also purchase food from the Food Bank of Iowa and other local stores when our donations run low.

Inclement Weather?

The Storehouse adheres to the Dallas Center Grimes Community School District schedule. If DCG has canceled classes due to inclement weather, then all services will be closed. 

If the school district implements a late start on Tuesday or Thursday, the food pantry will be still be open.

Do You Accept Donations of Clothing and Household Items?

Yes, we accept clothing donations for children size 4T to small adults.  We don’t have the space to accept other clothing or household items. 

How Do I Get More Information About Grimes Storehouse?

For more information about us and how you, your business or organization can help with food contributions, tax-deductible donations, in-kind donations, and volunteer opportunities, please contact us

If someone qualifies for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly the Food Stamp Program), can they still use Grimes Storehouse?


How often can I use the Grimes Storehouse?

Clients may visit the Grimes Storehouse once per calendar month.

Does Grimes Storehouse share clients’ information with anyone else?

Personal Client Information is subject to strict confidentiality guidelines and all DMARC/NIFCAP certified individuals have agreed to these confidentiality standards. A copy of our Privacy Policy is available at our pantry location.

Do I have to live in Grimes to get food and personal care items from the Grimes Storehouse?

Yes. We serve residents of Grimes or those with a Grimes address.

When can I go to Grimes Storehouse?

We are open Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:30am – 11:30am; 1st & 2nd Tuesdays 5:30pm – 7:00pm